Our team is at you disposal. We are your partner with high overall understanding of today’s requirements. We are rated highly by numerous companies who profit from our range of services.



We deliver to well over 220 countries worldwide! All shipments are collected directly from homes and offices or wherever you wish and sent promptly to your desired address.



Would you like to send something quickly and without hassles? With UNIMULT you need not waste your valuable time in packing, in filling out shipment forms or standing in long queues at the packer counters.


Progress made so far

2014 77%
2015 81%
2016 92%

As we advance in the field of logistic and transport solutions, we continue to focus on offering concepts to our business partners which can offer real benefits and enable them to profit from our growth.

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24-Hour Service even on weekends

Here are perhaps the first answers to your questions?

Just send us the Parcel code number and you will be surprised. Why? Because with UNIMULT you are cleverer than any other parcel tracking system. Through our tracking system and in connection with our WhatsApp services (Android, I-Phone and Desktop) we can tell almost immediately the exact location of your parcel and when you can possibly receive it.

In case you are expecting a parcel, ask the sender to give you the parcel’s ID. The code will enable you to keep track of the parcel. You can also contact our customer service or WhatsApp service for help.

You can post your parcels at our main office. You can also alternatively post or pick up your parcels directly at our post shop in the Mariahilferstrasse.